Experience authentic Korean flavors at E.M. Bop 


E.M. Bop is Atlanta’s top Korean BBQ restaurant bringing you the authentic taste of Korea and tabletop grilling experience. We use only the freshest, quality ingredients to bring you the true flavors of classic Korean dishes. Our K-BBQ menu features premium cuts of meat and fresh vegetables all grilled to perfection on your own private tabletop grill. Come and experience the best tabletop grilling at E.M. Bop! 


Quality Ingredients

We use premium quality meat all hand-cut in house and fresh vegetables for our menu.

Charcoal Briquettes

We use charcoal instead of gas for our tabletop grills to bring you the smoky and rich flavor of Korean BBQ.

Smokeless Grills

Our tabletop grills feature built-in fans that circulate air downward so you can enjoy grilling without all the smoke. 

Group Dining

Our restaurant can accommodate small group dining for your next party or special occasion.